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18k Ishtar Venus engagement ring featuring in its center, a classical 1.2 ct oval shape and set in a thin gold bezel. The band is tapered encrusted with diamonds in pave and bezel setting. 


18k Yellow Gold 

1.2 ct Oval Diamond Center G color SI 1

Available in: 

1.2 ct Oval Diamond

1 ct Oval Pink Morganite 

Ishtar is The great mother Goddess of ancient Sumerian and Babylonian mythology. She was an oracle. She ruled over fertility, our celebrated spring equinox and Easter is roots from Ishtar and the Cosmic Egg. As the many-breasted Opener of the Womb, she was the giver of all life.  As goddess of the moon, her waxing and waning ruled the cyclical birth and death of the planet. As Queen of Heaven, Ishtar replaced Sin as the moon deity; she rode through the sky at night in a chariot drawn by goats or lions. Ishtar was associated with the planet Venus. The lion and dove were sacred to her.

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