Indigo Unveiled was founded in 2015 by an Alchemist Craftswoman, Stephanie Lee. Each collection revives the hidden treasures of ancient civilizations. Her interpretation lets the stories come to life through her alchemy.

The inspiration is by rich historic cultures that are deeply embedded in esoteric traditions, mixing sacred wisdom, symbolism, and precious gems. The echos of our ancestors teachings about life’s journey and the cosmos is wielded into this form of alchemy and craftswomanship. 


At Indigo Unveiled, we reveal the hidden magic in life. Our passion is mastering ethereal collections that empower each individual. Each piece reflects the vitality and discoveries that surrounds all of life and we aspire that each piece is alive and will choose you.

We want to create a precious moment between you and the jewelry. Divine intention and love is felt in creating the stories and the collection.

Our Philosophy comes from Latin word, Anima Mundi (Soul of the World). Our intention is to embrace the world’s soul through diverse cultures and traditions to reveal our intrinsic connection with this universe.


Stephanie Lee is a passionate Alchemist/Craftswoman. The process of preparation, design, and creation has been a journey that has been derived from the Great Work in Alchemy.

Studying Philosophy ignited her interest delving into esoteric wisdom and spirituality. In her life experience she continues to pursue inspirational teachings connecting the similarities of cultural traditions.