Custom jewelry curated according to ancient tradition, gemology, astrology & your purpose.

The Empress Cuff

Cuff Bracelet in gold. Opals, diamonds, chalcedony, amethyst, and rose quartz.

Venus Guru Jagat Talisman

Ring. star ruby, rosecut diamonds, and gold.

Bastet Venus Talisman

Ring. Rubellite tourmaline, gold.

33 Christ Consiousness
Pendant. Oval tanzanite, pave diamonds, gold.
Temple of Samadhi

Pendant. Moldavite buddha, tourmaline, diamonds, gold.

High Priestess Breastplate
Pendant. Champagne diamond, ruby, sapphires, emerald, topaz, tanzanite, garnet, and gold.
Thoth's Ankh
Pendant. Emeralds, and gold. 
Mother of Lyrans

Pendant. diamonds, garnet, and gold.

Crowning Jupiter

Vedic astrology (jyoti) ring. Yellow sapphire, rosecut diamonds, and gold.

The Lovers Eye
Pendant. Enamel, rosecut diamonds, alexandrite, gold.
Kara Mantra Bangles

Grumukhi engraving, gold.

Temple Of Oracle

Pendant. Opal inlay, diamonds, and gold.

Queen of Faries
Ring. Pink sapphire, opal inlay, diamonds, rose gold.
Chiron - The Wounded Healer
Earrings. Amethyst, diamonds, gold.
Venus Ruby Bracelet
Heirloom burma rubies, gold.
Tomb of Thoth
Pendant. Moldavite, green and blue tourmalines, diamonds, gold.
Eye of Ra and Horus
6 carat moldavite, rubies, and gold.
Emerald Gold Scarab Ring
Vedic astrology (jyoti) ring for Mercury. Emerald, and 22k gold.
A Men's Emerald Ring
Emerald, and gold.
Yin Yang

Ring. Black and White Enamel, gold.

Jupiter Talisman

Vedic astrology (jyoti) ring for Jupiter. Yellow sapphire, gold.

Saturn Talisman

Vedic astrology (jyoti) ring for Saturn, GIA sapphire, gold.

Osiris + Isis

Ring. Star sapphire, gold.

Benin Leopard Ring


African Dan Mask


Moldavite Jaguar Talisman
moldavite, burma rubies, gold.