008 Vesca Pisces


008 Vesca Pisces 

Vesca Pisces is a bold and stunning ring that is sure to catch the eye of any admirer. The focal point of this piece is a brilliant 1 carat marquise diamond or sapphire, which is cradled in a chunky bezel setting. The gems elongated shape creates a regal and elegant feel, making it a perfect centerpiece for this chunky gold ring.

We are offering the center stone in Natural Diamond, Lab-Grown Diamond, and White Sapphire. 

Crafted from high-quality yellow gold, this ring has a substantial weight and a unique textured finish that adds an interesting dimension to its overall design. The band of the ring is thick and slightly tapered, providing a comfortable fit for the wearer.

The name "Vesca Pisces" was inspired by the delicate curves of the marquise diamond, which is formed by the sacred geometry of the intersection of two disks of the same radius. It symbolizes the materialization of spirit, or creation. 


Diamond: 1 carat Marquise Diamond

White Sapphire: 1.4 carat Natural White Sapphire 

14k Solid Gold 

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