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Our first collection is a set of amulets inspired by the mystery schools within Egypt. The jewelry pieces are intended to activate the higher mind and heart. Each piece reveals a personalized power with the use of symbols and messages attributed to the teachings of Thoth -- the Egyptian god that bridged man to the cosmos.

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Thoth Sketch



The Alexandria Collection begins with a magical story of Thoth and his journey from Atlantis into the land of the Egyptians, and how he came to learn all the secrets of the universe and became the scriber of the gods.

Long Ago there lived an enlightened race. An empire artistically grounded on large concentric rings of land encircling the center with deep blue channels of water running throughout the kingdom.  The prophetic Atlantis.

Legend has it, there lived a great teacher named Thoth, who revealed to Atlantis the great mysteries of the universe. In time they cultivated tremendous powers of light, reaching great heights of enlightenment.

As time passed, the Atlantis became very powerful, and began to destroy themselves. With the rise of all great nations, the pendulum swings to the great fall. A classic cautionary tale.

As the waters of the flood consumed Atlantis, Thoth fled to the desert, to the land of Khem, where he began to teach the same arts, though secretly.

Thoth created the architecture of the Pyramids for initiation into the great mysteries, and for rituals of ascension.  He was destined to guide the Egyptians to new heights. It was written in the stars.

Thoth would be known as Hermes and later as Mercury, the God of wisdom the arts, and magic.

Sometimes he teaches through dreams -- and that's how the Al(khem)y Collection began.

  Using universal principles and deep reverence for the old mysteries, we've carefully hand-crafted each piece to invoke clarity, inner brilliance and ultimately, the divine transformation of Egyptian alchemy.

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