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Emerald Tablet Prayer Wheel

Inspired by the prayer wheels in Tibet, our golden necklace spins and releases the words of the Emerald Tablets into your energy field. The script is hand engraved on a pyramid plate, then assembled into a locket by hand.

The Emerald Tablets are sacred texts from Atlantis, and the foundation to esoteric teachings including the Hermetica, Kyablion, and The Great work in Alchemy. Was discovered by Alexander the Great in the Tomb of Hermes in Egypt and displayed to the public for the first time in the Alexandria Library. It is said that the last place the Emerald Tablets were seen was in the Yucatan Peninsula in a Mayan Pyramid.  


4mm Emerald approx 0.25 Carat

Metal 30 grams

2" inch tall Scroll

Available In:


22k gold over silver

14k Solid Gold

Hand made in the heart of Los Angeles

The Emerald Tablets Prayer Wheel Scroll Necklace

Qualities: Alchemy, Transformation, Truth, Knowledge

The wisdom of ancient alchemy printed on a pure gold locket. Said to be the key to all magic, the Emerald Tablet is a collection of formulas containing antiquity’s greatest secrets of transformation.

To use: simply spin the pendant clockwise. Like a Tibetan prayer wheel, the motion releases the power of the words and initiates the alchemical process of divine change and self-transformation. Each spin propels weakness to strength, negative to positive, darkness to light.

Long Ago there lived an enlightened race. An empire artistically grounded on large concentric rings of land encircling the center with deep blue channels of water running throughout the kingdom. The prophetic Atlantis.

Legend has it, there lived a great teacher named Thoth, who revealed to Atlantis the great mysteries of the universe. In time they cultivated tremendous powers of light, reaching great heights of enlightenment.

As time passed, the Atlanteans became so powerful, they began to destroy themselves. With the rise of all great nations, the pendulum would swing toward the great fall of their civilization. A classic cautionary tale.

As the waters of the flood consumed Atlantis, Thoth fled to the desert, to the land of Khem, where he began to teach the same arts, though secretly.

Thoth created the architecture of the Pyramids for initiation into the great mysteries, and for rituals of ascension. He was destined to guide the Egyptians excelment, to share what had been known once before to become masters of life. It was written in the stars.

Thoth would be known as Hermes and later as Mercury, the God of wisdom the arts, and magic. Sometimes he teaches through dreams -- and that's how the Alexandria Collection began -- with dreams that have led us to recreate these ancient talismans.

Each design reflects a different teaching and aspect of Thoth. Using universal principles and deep reverence for the old mysteries, we've carefully hand-crafted each piece to invoke clarity, inner brilliance and ultimately, the divine transformation of Egyptian alchemy.


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