Inspired by the prayer wheels in Tibet, our golden necklace spins and releases the words of the Emerald Tablets into your energy field. The script is hand engraved on a pyramid plate, then assembled into a locket by hand.

The Emerald Tablets are sacred texts from Atlantis, and the foundation to esoteric teachings including the Hermetica, Kyablion, and The Great work in Alchemy. Was discovered by Alexander the Great in the Tomb of Hermes in Egypt and displayed to the public for the first time in the Alexandria Library. It is said that the last place the Emerald Tablets were seen was in the Yucatan Peninsula in a Mayan Pyramid.  

The wisdom of ancient alchemy printed on a pure gold locket. Said to be the key to all magic, the Emerald Tablet is a collection of formulas containing antiquity’s greatest secrets of transformation.

To use: simply spin the pendant clockwise. Like a Tibetan prayer wheel, the motion releases the power of the words and initiates the alchemical process of divine change and self-transformation. Each spin propels weakness to strength, negative to positive, darkness to light.

Qualities: Alchemy, Transformation, Truth, Knowledge

Available in: Silver, silver dipped in 18k gold (vermeil), 14k solid gold. 


28" Chain Included 

4mm Emerald approx 0.25 Carat

30 grams weights

2" inch tall 

Handmade in the USA

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