Egyptian Goddess Necklace


Egyptian Goddess Necklace 

Every temple doorway in Egypt contains in the entrance, large wings expanded across the arch with a circle at its center. This symbol is named the winged sun, and is traditionally associated with divinity and royalty. Placed in its center, is a rainbow moonstone in honor of the the yin/ feminine archetypes. 

This elegant necklace features a round rainbow moonstone cabochon in its center, with two carved serpents crowning the gem. Egyptian wings wrap around the cuff and sparking accent stones. The inside of the cuff is inscribed the divine goddess archetypes "Isis, Hathor, Maat, Sekhmet, Bastet, and Nut." 

Model wearing size S/M

Offered in:

14k solid gold with diamonds + vermeil with white sapphires. 


Center Stone - 10mm Natural Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon 

Weight - 12 grams 

Length - 3 inches width // 0.25 inches tall


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