This Rainbow Moonstone was designed during meditation on the divine feminine vibration and was sculpted into egg shape to symbolize the fertility of creation within the goddess energy field. Each rainbow moonstone has an iridescent flash of bluish to purple hues, and translates light in different ways making them one of a kind for the wearer. Made by the hands of local artisans in Los Angeles, and crafted in 14k solid gold. 

Throughout ancient cultures around the world from the Romans, to the Hindus, Rainbow Moonstone has been the sacred relic of many moon archetypes. It holds the gifts of prophecy, intuition, creativity, and balance. It holds a deeply seeded power of the lunar energies. Like the influence of the moon, and the waters tides, moonstone can help balance and heal the internal waters within the emotional body.  

In Ancient India, it is written that moonstones are made from moonbeams, and Ganesh the four-handed elephant God, has a moonstone placed upon his third eye. 

The Greeks honored moonstone stone by naming it after two of their great goddesses Aphrodite and Selene. The stone in those times was called "Aphroselene."

The Romans believed moonstones feel from the sky by moonbeams, and was a blessing from their beloved moon Goddess Diana.


14k solid gold

1.5" to 2" inches tall Natural rainbow moonstone

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