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Sapphire Mudra Necklace

A precious gem sparkles in the hand sculpture, representing the hidden potential in all things. This hand inscribes the latin word Prima Materia, meaning first matter.

Available in: Fine Silver and 14k gold

4mm Sapphire, 25 grams, 2” long

Videos, additional photos, and information available upon request.

Please call/text Stephanie at (213)220-9055 or email

Prima Materia Sapphire Human Hand Necklace

Qualities: Finding one’s purpose, harnessing potential

Prima Materia is Latin for “first matter,” and ancient alchemical philosophers had many definitions for this mysterious substance. Some called it an inner spark, others chaos, some blood, but ultimately it’s the spark inside of us, own own inner light that guides us to our true purpose.

Crafted in gold and containing a single fiery gem, the pendant inspires that divine inner spark. By wearing it you are activating your own self-discovery. You are calling upon your own light and destiny.


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