The Ankh is an ancient Egyptian and Kemetic symbol and word for life. The round shape on top represents the womb and the feminine principle. The bottom staff represents the masculine principle, and the left and right symbolizes the the child, or the manifestation of creation. To give contrast to its meaning, the cross symbolizes death, and the Ankh symbolizes life. 

This stunning golden ankh is crafted in 14 karat gold. It is bezeled with 7.5 carats total weight of cushion cut natural Burma rubies. At the top is a headdress originally used to depict the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis, and is completed with pave diamonds totaling to 0.33 carats. The necklace is beaded with natural cylinder shaped Lapis Lazuli beads, gold beads, and natural tire shaped Ruby beads. The clasp features a crafted hand with a diamond. Hangs 31 inches (Adjustable)


Ankh Pendant 2.3" long, 0.25" wide 
7.5 carat Natural Ruby Gemstones
2.5 carats Natural ruby beads
25 grams of 14k gold

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