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Emerald Scarab Necklace


Egyptian Scarab Necklace 

Heart Scarabs is an ancient symbol found on some of the most highest Queens and Pharaohs in  Egypt. Scarabs travel across the desert always in the direction of light wether it be the sun, moon, or the milky way galaxy. It is a symbol of always being guided by the light even in darkness. 

Gemstone Scarabs were hand carved with the Hieroglyph of the Divine feminine archetype Isis. Her compassion and tenderness has been loved by many beings.

Hand Bezeled metalwork with beautiful princess cut emeralds


14k Solid Gold

Hand Carved Gemstone Scarab in Lapis Lazuli or Obsidian

Princess cut Emeralds 

1" long x 0.5" wide

Hand crafted in Los Angeles

Videos, additional photos, and information available upon request.


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